Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trapped In The World of Words. . Gotta Have it!!!!

If there is anytime that I can speak about an individual who has the potential to change the world with the reality of the world tune into my brother and dear friend Merci Merc. Check out the book "Trapped in the World of Words" a www.trappedinaworldofwords.com. How can you weave a web without a spider? Reading this book you realize how the wordplay stays on rewind in your mind like your favorite scene from your favorite movie!!! This book is a great find and you will want to have it in your library; if not, then you would be upset with yourself for not following your first mind to get it. . . TRAPPED IN A WORLD OF WORDS VOL I&II. . . .Holla at ya Boy

Vince Pass

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